Gender and Inclusion (incl IPs)
The Climate, Gender, and Conflict Nexus: Exploring Challenges and Solutions

3 Dec

15:00-16:30 GST

Climate change is a global risk multiplier that drives instability, exacerbating pre-existing tensions and patterns of marginalization. Extreme weather events, food and water insecurity, and natural resource degradation, heighten risks of displacement and conflict, especially in fragile settings. Women and youth play a critical role in addressing climate crisis and the darkening security horizon. This event discusses the gender-climate security 'triple nexus' as a framework to advance transformative approaches to environmental cooperation, adaptation, and peace building in climate-impacted settings. The event features success stories from women rising to confront climate crisis and best practices that can be replicated and scaled.
Georgetown University's Institute for Women
Peace and Security (GIWPS) & Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research (ECSSR)
Green Zone, Connect Conference Center: Multipurpose Hall