COP28 UAE aims to deliver an inclusive, cost-effective and first-class experience for all those attending.

The COP28 UAE Blue Zone will be hosted at Expo City Dubai. Being a built environment, our approach to delegation offices & pavilions will be different from previous COPs. We aim to create an exciting, streamlined, and supportive environment to enhance collaboration between stakeholders, and engagement in general.

As we advance in our planning, we would like to receive your requests to assess the feasibility of providing you with a suitable offer for your pavilion and/or offices.

All parties to the Convention as well as more than 3,000 accredited observer organizations are invited to submit an Expression of Interest.

For detailed information on the options highlighted below, please download our Expression of Interest brochure here.

Expression of Interest Form
IMPORTANT: Your Expression of Interest doesn't automatically confirm our commitment to delivering on specific requirements. After the application process closes on 15 June 2023, we will endeavor to align your requirements with the spaces that are available. You will receive a proposal from us, based on this process.

Please note, in accordance with UNFCCC regulations, only Parties and accredited observer organizations at the time of application will be considered for space allocation within the Blue Zone.
Primary Contact Details
Blue Zone Pavilions
COP28 UAE is looking to maximise the use of the existing structures on-site to ensure increased levels of sustainability for the event. From the options listed below, please select the pavilion size you are interested in booking (as per the Expression of Interest brochure, all pavilions will be located on the ground floor of the existing Expo City buildings).
Please note that the spaces below refer only to exhibition areas and do not include any office spaces. Requests for office spaces may be made in following sections of this form.
COP28 UAE aims to provide you with pavilion spaces that encourage collaboration and engagement. Please note each Expo building's ground floor will typically accommodate between two and five pavilions, in accordance with the space requirements of the parties involved.

Please provide an indication of the preferred organization(s) or parties with which you would be interested in sharing a building space. (This information is strictly confidential and requested for planning purposes only). No commitment is made by the COP28 team.
Preferred Parties or organizations for shared accommodation within the same building:
Shared Presentation Spaces
COP28 UAE is committed to delivering an inclusive event that focuses on the use of shared spaces to increase cross-pollination of ideas and information sharing.
Are you interested in booking a shared presentation area (as presented in the Expression of Interest brochure)? These spaces will be fully equipped with audio/visual equipment and other meeting resources.
If yes, please indicate the number of sessions you would like to book for the two weeks of the event:
Please indicate the estimated duration of each session:
Office & Hospitality Spaces
Due to the unique nature of the Expo City built environment, office and hospitality spaces will be located on the upper floors of the existing buildings, above the pavilion spaces.
Are you interested in renting an office space during the event?
If yes, please indicate the number of people who will be using the office:
Are you interested in renting a hospitality space during the event? (I.e. networking or reception spaces)
If yes, please indicate the capacity of the hospitality space:
Audience Engagement
COP28 UAE is committed to the success of each organization participation in COP28. Consequently, we would like to understand your approach and goals to better engage your target audience. This will help us utilize promotional activities and publicity tools to support your objectives.
Will you be doing any pre-event promotional activities to support audience engagement?
If yes, please can you provide a short description of your strategy:
Planned Content
As part of this year's pavilion innovation process, we would like to learn more about your planned content and exhibition to ensure that it aligns with the overall theme of COP28 UAE and supports the goals of the UNFCCC process.
Please can you provide an overview and how your pavilion strategy and content is aligned with the goals of the Paris Agreement?
500 Character limit
Events Management Company
Acting on feedback received from earlier COPs regarding the cost of fit outs for pavilions, COP28 UAE has taken steps to innovate the process. As part of these improvements, we have appointed an Event Management Company (EMC) to exclusively handle the setup of pavilions within the Blue Zone.

The EMC will provide a fixed set of tiered packages to meet pavilion requirements. It will also provide support for required permits and other operational requirements to streamline and simplify the buildup, and to ensure it is more cost-effective, efficient, and sustainable.
Do you require any additional support, as below:
Any other special requests or information that you would like to share with us?
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