Water Systems
Watering the Clean Energy Transition

5 Dec

17:00-18:00 GST

The energy transition required to achieve the 1.5-degree temperature goal depends on water. Bioenergy, hydropower, nuclear and solar power - together with the batteries, minerals, and green hydrogen needed for their use - all need significant amounts of water to be effective at scale. Those water systems are simultaneously under increasing pressure from climate change and increased demand for agriculture, transportation, the IT sector, manufacturing, and household use. This event will highlight how clean energy policies and planning can consider water availability to reduce water and energy risks as well as promote synergistic solutions, with a focus on national climate planning. As part of the event, the Water and Climate Leaders will launch a call to action on water, energy, and climate by countries and non-state actors willing to work together on these issues.
COP28 Presidency, UK, Egypt, Japan, WMO, UNECE, UNESCO, the Alliance for Global Water Adaptation and the Water and Climate Leaders
COP28 Presidency and Core Partners
B1: Global Climate Action - Meeting Room 2