Relief, Recovery and Peace
Together for Inclusive Solutions: Human Mobility on the Climate Frontlines

3 Dec

17:00-18:30 GST

Drawing on the experiences of refugees, internally displaced persons, and migrants, the event will spotlight the potential for locally-led climate action and solutions in the most climate vulnerable countries and communities. Climate change is increasingly influencing trends in human mobility, including displacement and migration within and across borders and, at the same time, many refugees, internally displaced people and migrants are living on the frontlines of climate change. The event will provide examples of scaled-up, accessible resources and collective efforts – with frontline communities at the centre - for the strengthened protection, preparedness, and resilience of refugees, internally displaced people, migrants, and their hosts and communities of origin.
UNHCR and IOM, in cooperation with the COP28 Presidency
COP28 Presidency
B8: Plenaries & Meeting Rooms - Al Waha Theatre