Food, Agriculture and Water
Sustainable Consumption, Healthy Affordable Food for All, and Reducing Food Waste

10 Dec

10:30-12:00 GST

Shifting consumption and reducing food loss & waste (FLW) are crucial for climate and affordable, healthy, sustainable food. In 2022, almost 735 million suffered from hunger, 3 billion couldn't afford healthy diets, and a third of global food production was lost or wasted, costing trillions. This event aims to engage stakeholders with actionable solutions for more sustainable consumption patterns, promoting healthier food choices, and reducing FLW. It will also emphasize outcomes, future policies, and investments in healthy, affordable, and sustainable consumption by improving food environments, enhancing demand for healthier food, exploring alternative proteins, and reducing FLW across urban-rural areas.
COP28 Presidency, Eat, FOLU, Consumers International, Madre Brava, Consumers Goods Forum, WRAP, Champions 12.3, Global Food Banking Network
COP28 Presidency
Climate Champions Team
TURFS Consortium (Club of Rome
Madre Brava
Consumers Goods Forum
Champions 12.3
Global Food Banking Network
Connect Conference Center: Auditorium