Relief, Recovery and Peace
Supporting Renewable Energy in Fragile Settings: Leveraging the Energy Transitions of Humanitarian and Peacekeeping Missions to Deliver a Positive Legacy

3 Dec

10:30-12:00 GST

Countries experiencing security and humanitarian challenges have the lowest energy access rates, yet the highest energy costs, resulting in fragility and barriers to climate finance and economic development. The transition of humanitarian and peacekeeping operations to renewable energy presents a unique opportunity for both, the United Nations and countries hosting these operations to deliver on climate, development, peace, and security objectives. This event will showcase progress of the Energy Compact on Renewable Energy for United Nations Peacekeeping and seeks to contribute to the humanitarian sector's transition to renewable energy to increase efficiency and reduce costs and carbon emissions.
UNDOS, UNDPO, IRENA, Norway, UAE, UNHCR, Chatham House, SE4All, SOLCO, IKEA Foundation
International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)
Energy Peace Partners
Norway Energy Peace Partners
The Stimson Center
Women's Pavilion: Majlis