Land Use and Oceans
Strategic Pathways for Land Restoration & Conservation: Multi-stakeholder Deliverables & Actions towards 2030 Breakthroughs

9 Dec

13:00-14:30 GST

This high-level event will convene global partners, including ministers, non-state actors, international organisations, and Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities, to assess progress on the restoration and conservation of terrestrial ecosystems. Participants will announce their deliverables achieved in the past year and release actionable plans and commitments for the upcoming year and beyond. The power of multi-stakeholder partnerships in driving real-world change and delivery towards global goals and commitments on land restoration, including the G20 Land Use Initiative’s 2040 goal to halt land degradation by 2040, the Nature-Based Solutions 2030 Breakthrough target, and the Glasgow Leaders’ Declaration on Forests and Land-Use (GLD) will be highlighted. We will celebrate achievements, strengthen partnerships, and lay out concrete steps for ambitious land use and conservation breakthroughs, marking a pivotal moment in the "Delivery Era" of global restoration efforts under the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration (2021-2030).
COP28 Presidency, UN Climate Change High-Level Champions, UN Decade of Restoration (UNEP & FAO), G20 Global Land initiative (UNCCD).
COP28 Presidency
G20 Global Land initiative (UNCCD)
UN Climate Change High-level Champions
UN Decade of Restoration (UNEP & FAO)
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