Relief, Recovery and Peace
OECD-DAC High-Level Roundtable on Climate Action and Finance in Fragile and Conflict-Affected Contexts

3 Dec

14:00-15:30 GST

The OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC), in collaboration with the COP28 Presidency, will convene this high-level roundtable to discuss policies, programs, and instruments to better support fragile contexts in their climate action efforts. Climate change compounds fragility, driving displacement and exacerbating tensions over scarce resources. Fragility may further fuel climate change, affecting governments' abilities to meet the challenges they are facing and to attract climate finance for that purpose. The roundtable will focus on identifying concrete steps to ensure that development assistance breaks this vicious circle, leaving no one behind.
OECD - Development Assistance Committee
COP28 Presidency
OECD - Development Assistance Committee
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