Leaders' Event: Putting Health at the Center of the Climate Agenda

2 Dec

11:00-12:00 GST

Conference I The latest IPCC report highlights that climate change is a grave threat to human well-being and planetary health. Cross-sectoral action to address the health benefits of climate action including reducing emissions and transforming health systems can yield immense health benefits. The WCAS Health Event on 2 December will galvanize public and private sector momentum for climate and health. The session will see the launch of the COP28 Declaration on Climate and Health, mobilizing political support around shared priorities on the climate health nexus. The event will also deliver a set of climate-health financing initiatives that will unlock billions to safeguard and invest in health in a changing climate. This breakthrough moment will lay the foundation for strengthening the health response to climate change, including at future COPs and in the World Health Assembly.

Event Type

COP28 Presidency
B8: Plenaries & Meeting Rooms - Al Waha Theatre