Industry and JT
High level Roundtable on Renewables and Energy Efficiency

3 Dec

09:30-11:30 GST

Hydrogen is a critical energy vector that can help abating 60 to 80 GT of CO2 by 2050 and play a vital role in decarbonisation of the global economies. This High-Level Ministerial-CEO Roundtable on Hydrogen will mark the launch of the flagship COP28 initiatives designed to accelerate commercialisation of hydrogen projects facilitating the transition to net zero and unlock the climate and socio-economic benefits of cross-border supply chains. This roundtable will feature the launch of the flagship Declaration of Intent on Mutual Recognition of Certification Schemes for Hydrogen and Derivatives and the ISO methodology for GHG emissions assessment of hydrogen. Decision-makers and industry leaders will spotlight actionable commitments in an inaugural Public-Private Action Statement on Cross-Border Trade with the International Hydrogen Trade Forum.
COP28 Presidency
Plenaries & Meeting Rooms, Presidency Roundtable - Al Saih