Multi-level Action
Freight to Zero: Decarbonizing Urban Freight Transportation

6 Dec

10:00-11:00 GST

Demand for urban last-mile delivery is expected to grow 78% by 2030, resulting in a 36% increase in delivery vehicles across the world's largest 100 cities. An expected tripling in the demand for freight by 2050 could double its 8% share of global GHG emissions. Transitioning to electric freight vehicles is among the key mechanisms to lower these emissions. Join The Climate Pledge, C40 Cities mayors, and others as they discuss their experiences advancing freight electrification. This event is recommended for those interested in identifying and proposing opportunities to accelerate the roll-out of electric fleets in cities worldwide.
The Climate Pledge and C40 Cities
B7: Plenaries & Meeting Rooms - Action Arena - Al Jeer