Food, Agriculture and Water
Enhancing Food and Nature Linkages for Climate Action

9 Dec

10:00-11:30 GST

There is no pathway to safeguarding and restoring ecosystems, staying within +1.5C, and safeguarding biodiversity, as well as feeding 10 billion people by 2050, without transforming the ways we produce, distribute, and consume food and use our land and in-land waters. This event seeks to highlight the interlinkages between agriculture and nature, showcase examples of action to reduce the impact of agriculture on nature and highlight both the pathway and challenges ahead. It will feature two key ecosystems - forests and peatlands - and leading ways to protect, restore and manage the impacts of agriculture and nature sustainably.
COP28 Presidency
Global Peatlands Initiative (Michael Succow Foundation, UNEP, Wetlands International, FAO)
Systems Change Lab
Connect Conference Center: Multipurpose Hall