Empowering Green Skill Development for Sustainable Supply Chains

4 Dec

18:00-19:00 GST

To address the current lack of green skills and its impact on trade, this session aims to explore the importance of green skills development in accelerating sustainable supply chains. This session will delve into the significance of building capacity through training at both, national and international levels, focusing on the development and up-skilling of human capital with a specific emphasis on green skills for sustainable trade.
Mr. Allen Blue, Co-Founder, LinkedIn
Professor Gillian Murray, Heriot Watt University
Ms. Faith Taylor, Global Sustainability and ESG Officer, Kyndryl
Mr. Toby Siddall, Sustainability Services Lead, Accenture
Mr. Ibrahim Al Zu’bi, Chief Sustainability Officer, ADNOC
UAE Ministry of Economy
COP28 Presidency
Impact Hub: LVL 5 Majlis