Relief, Recovery and Peace
Climate, Peace and Security in the Horn of Africa

3 Dec

13:30-15:00 GST

This event will feature new regional initiatives in the Horn of Africa, including the Regional Climate Security Coordination Mechanism and the UN Climate, Peace and Security Hub for the Horn of Africa. Both are the first structures of their kind, aimed at managing intersecting climate and conflict risks while actively promoting climate adaptation and peace. Recognizing the Horn is among the most climate-vulnerable and conflict-affected regions, significant political will and evidence on climate, peace and security is being generated. This event will showcase approaches that are delivering positive results and discuss upcoming flagship programs designed to bring these to scale.
Peace and Security Hub
UNOSE Climate
COP28 Presidency
UN Office of the Special Envoy in the Horn of Africa
B8: Plenaries & Meeting Rooms - Presidency Roundtable - Al Saih