Abu Dhabi Sustainable Finance Forum

4 Dec

15:00-19:00 GST

Since COP21, following the signing of the Paris Agreement, the market has recognized the need for scalable and innovative solutions to finance the decarbonization of the global economy. ADSFF - COP28 Edition will curate a cutting-edge decarbonization finance platform focused on relevant keynotes, panels, interviews and workshops, all focused on the strategies needed to unlock capital at the scale the urgency requires. The event will bring together the most relevant executives from across the global markets to converge on de-risking sustainable finance, understanding decarbonization deal structures & products, and measuring the ESG impact easily and securely. ADSFF aims to be a systemic and collaborative approach, knowing that these strategic interventions will only be successful if mindsets shift. The solutions the market co-creates require an innovative approach to financial capital allocation and risk management. The urgency is now, as only 27 years are left to achieve the 2C target. It means leveraging C- Level finance leaders decision makers, to challenge sustainable finance business models, products, investable solutions and form collaborative new finance partnerships.
Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM)
Connect Conference Center: Auditorium