Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week Summit

4 Dec

09:30-14:30 GST

Held under the patronage of HH Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week (ADSW) will host a Special Edition at COP28 that will mark the latest chapter in the UAE's sustainability success story and climate action leadership. Throughout COP28, ADSW will provide a platform, bridging the blue and green zones by promoting collaboration and thought leadership, enabling timely, relevant climate action conversations to accredited parties, observer delegates, and the general public. As an integral part of this year's Special Edition of ADSW at COP28, the ADSW Summit will bring together forward-thinking leaders from finance, investment, business, public sector, and civil society to identify pathways to accelerate the just transition to a net-zero future. Under the theme of United on Climate Action at COP28, the ADSW Summit will feature a series of keynote speeches, fireside chats and panel discussions focusing on sustainable investments, climate innovations, and financial inclusion for a just transition. Sessions will be outcome-focused and followed by a series of ADSW roundtables at COP28 and beyond. Launched in 2008, ADSW is a global initiative championed by the UAE and its clean energy powerhouse, Masdar. ADSW's anchor event, the ADSW Summit, is taking place on 4 December at the Connect Conference Center, Expo City, Dubai.
Connect Conference Center: Auditorium