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8th Energy Transition Council: Uniting Leaders, Catalyzing Finance, Empowering Clean Energy

5 Dec

11:40-12:40 GST

The 8th Energy Transition Council Meeting will convene over 30 governments and institutions to ensure the continued momentum of the energy transition, providing participating countries with a platform to discuss and report their progress. Donor governments and institutions will outline their forthcoming support, both in terms of financing, expertise, and technical assistance. The meeting will also involve the evaluation of ongoing projects and the setting of new objectives for the next phase, fostering coordination among governments, institutions, philanthropic organizations, and private investors. The expected outcomes will include practical support offered by donor countries and financial institutions, aimed at mobilizing, customizing, and implementing energy solutions. Moreover, the meeting will facilitate clear updates from participating countries regarding opportunities and actions required to propel progress in the power sector.
Energy Transition Council
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