Excellencies, delegates, friends,

In fourteen days, we will convene in Dubai to seek practical solutions to the climate change challenge and deliver an ambitious response to the first Global Stocktake. In an increasingly turbulent world, we have a unique opportunity to strengthen global solidarity and inspire the hope, optimism, and ingenuity required to transform our economies, safeguard our future, and keep 1.5°c within reach. While that ambition may seem daunting, the need for us to deliver a high-ambition outcome becomes ever-clearer. This year is the hottest in human history. It is no longer just the science that tells us that. Today, we all see and feel the impacts of climate change first-hand. It is a constant reminder that we must do more. The world needs good news, and the global community demands real action; we must meet their expectations. We must restore trust in multilateralism. COP28 provides the most immediate opportunity to do that. We must put aside our own interests. We must work together towards a greater good. We all know the actions we must take. We must enable a just and responsible energy transition. We must reduce emissions. We must fix climate finance and make it more available, affordable, and accessible. We must protect nature, lives, and livelihoods and ensure sustainable, fair, socioeconomic development for all. We must do this for our families, our friends, and for all future generations. So, ahead of COP28, I ask only this: be positive and be prepared. Be prepared to contribute. Be prepared to collaborate. Be prepared to deliver. Be prepared for the moment when our ambitions become actions and our promises become progress. The UAE’s Founding Father, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, taught us that good work is hard, and hard work is good; and I am confident that your hard work to-date provides the best possible foundation for meaningful progress at COP28. I remain committed to ensuring that you will have the space and support required to deliver a historic, meaningful, high-ambition outcome. The stage is set, and the world is waiting. We must not disappoint. We must unite. We must act. And we must deliver.



15 Nov


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