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Nakhati, which means 'My Flavour' in Arabic, presents an authentic high-quality gelato experience, founded and managed by women in the Middle East with the purpose to support Women entrepreneurs and to make an impact by creating a natural, localized and healthy dessert and the opportunity to grow a business. Our premium gelato is made of the highest quality natural ingredients. All flavours are dominated by the unfiltered taste of the underlying locally sourced ingredients, in comparison to ice cream which compensates for a lack of quality with sugar, butter and artificial flavours, and it is naturally lower in sugar and fat. Nakhati uses the tried and tested gelato preparation techniques perfected in Italy, and accelerates this with bold and innovative flavours and ingredients from across the region.


Ghaf Food Park

Open Date

11/30/23 - 12/12/23

Open Times

10:00 - 22:00


Green Zone