The COP28 Presidency, and under the inclusion imperative, is cognizant of the private sector’s ability to play a crucial role in correcting the course of global climate action.

We will look to elevate the role of the private sector in the process, pushing companies to move from commitment to action with a golden standard level of transparency and integrity.

Net-zero accountability promotes a just and equitable transition. As the world shifts away from carbon-intensive industries, it is crucial to ensure that no one is left behind.

By committing to net-zero emissions, businesses signal their commitment to a fair and inclusive transition, where the costs and benefits of sustainability are shared equitably.

This not only mitigates the risk of exacerbating social inequalities but also fosters collaboration and partnerships with communities, governments, and civil society organizations to ensure that the energy transition is just and avoids marginalization.

About the COP28 Net-Zero Transition Charter: Accountability mobilization for the private sector

The COP28 Presidency is committed to mobilizing as many corporate net-zero commitments and transition plans as possible, especially from under-represented regions and sectors, and to ensuring the critical importance of credibility and accountability of net-zero emissions pledges by non-party stakeholders.

This Charter serves to encourage organizations to make public net-zero emissions pledges and targets, underpinned by high integrity and quality, produce credible and transparent transition plans, and publish periodic, accurate, complete, and transparent reporting on their progress.

For organizations at the beginning of their journey to net zero, this Charter should act as a beacon, which will help to provide guidance on the steps that can be taken to strengthen their position to take net-zero science-based, credible, and transparent pledges.


By signing this Charter, private sector entities will certify their adherence or their commitment to adhere to the following:

  • Publicly set 1.5 degree aligned, science-based, credible and transparent Net Zero 2050 and interim emissions reduction targets, either through a net-zero aligned national pledge or an internationally recognized net-zero initiative that holds members to account for their net-zero pledges, or individually following a commensurate scope and level of ambition with public, third-party validation of their pledge through a generally accepted science-based review process. Those who have already made pledges as outlined above do not need to re-commit.
  • Produce a credible net-zero transition plan, by or within one year after the conclusion of COP28.
  • Publicly report annual GHG emissions and progress on their net-zero commitment and transition plan, including through high quality platforms that feed into the UNFCCC Global Climate Action Portal.
  • Report on emission data and reduction pathways, validation done through self-attestation or an independent third party.


The COP28 Presidency is glad to extend an invitation to companies of all sizes, geographic and sectoral backgrounds, to sign up to the COP28 Net-Zero Transition Charter and champion the principles it sets out. Our Strategic Business Partner, EY, provides a digitally-enabled version of the Accountability Charter. Please signup* below for registration on the EY portal.
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